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Meet Our Leader

Brad Wall

“We want a strong economy not just for the sake of the economy itself, but for the quality of life and opportunities it provides for all Saskatchewan people.”

Brad's Story

I was born and raised in Swift Current, in Saskatchewan’s southwest. I still live there with my wife, Tami, where we raised our three children, Megan, Colter, and Faith. Since I was first elected as an MLA to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1999, it is the constituency I have represented. Since 2007, I have also had the incredible honour to serve as Saskatchewan’s Premier.

I’ve always thought politics can be the most effective vehicle for truly enacting change and leaving things better than you found them. In the case of our government, we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate some important achievements and milestones that a growing economy has provided:


  • The largest income and property tax cuts in the history of Saskatchewan;
  • Reducing the province's operating debt by 40 per cent and saving $1.2 billion in interest payments since 2008;
  • Cutting surgical wait times from the longest in Canada to now the shortest;
  • Saskatchewan receiving a AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s for the first time in the province’s history;
  • More support for people with disabilities, including the elimination of the original 440 waitlist for people with disabilities waiting for the dignity of a home;
  • Population growth of 132,000 people in 8 years – more growth than the previous 75 years combined to an all-time high of 1.14 million people;
  • The most aggressive youth retention program in the country to ensure Saskatchewan’s young people stay and work in the province; and
  • Record $8 billion investment in infrastructure to improve roads, schools, hospitals and senior's facilities all across Saskatchewan.
  • Brad Wall
  • Brad Wall
  • Brad Wall

Brad's Vision

Despite some great achievements, we still have more work to do. We have to ensure Saskatchewan has the key fundamentals to remain a leader in Canada: competitive taxes & regulations, low debt, and increased trade.

Saskatchewan continues to break records in agriculture exports and production. With expanded trade opportunities to the Asia-Pacific region, Saskatchewan can be well-positioned to provide food security to this growing region of the world.

Our province must be proud of its resource sector, a key component of our economy. We should ensure that our oil, potash, uranium, lumber and many other resources get to international markets.

In health care, we need to continue the use of innovative practices within the public system. Patients must continue to have more choice, quality, and efficiency from their health system all Saskatchewan people depend on.

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