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Get Trans Mountain Pipeline Built

Get Trans Mountain Pipeline Built

As the safest, most efficient, and most sustainable method of getting our oil to world markets, pipelines are critical to Saskatchewan and Canada's energy sector.

Every year, our economy loses billions because we are not able to get our oil to market where it can sell for the world price, so we have to sell out oil at a discount. This doesn't just cost energy producers; it means taxpayers also lose hundreds of millions on additional taxes and royalties that could be going toward building more roads, schools, and hospitals.

Saskatchewan will be joining Alberta in introducing legislation to stop the flow of our oil to British Columbia.

"If the fuel tanks in B.C. start to run dry because Alberta has turned the tap off, it won't be Saskatchewan filling them up" - Premier Scott Moe

In addition to turning off the taps and putting pressure on BC's NDP government, inter-provincial pipelines fall fully under federal jurisdiction.

The Trudeau government needs to take action to get this pipeline built, NOW.

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