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It is going to be another fun and exciting year for the Saskatchewan Party Youth Association. Our organization is looking forward to continuing to grow our membership while also working closely with Saskatchewan Party MLAs and nominated candidates on the upcoming election campaign.

In November 2014, we held our Convention and Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the 2014 Saskatchewan Party Convention. More than 70 Youth delegates from across the province attended Convention, where they enjoyed an excellent line up of speakers, including a keynote speech from Premier Brad Wall. A new Youth Executive was elected by delegates during the AGM. I am honoured to have been given the privilege of joining our association’s executive this year as the Youth President. Our new executive is a great group of individuals with diverse employment, education, and ethnic backgrounds who are full of imagination and enthusiasm.

This year, the Saskatchewan Party Youth will continue to host the social and networking events our members have always enjoyed, while also helping our members to get involved as election volunteers with Saskatchewan Party candidates across the province. The Youth Association and our two University Campus Clubs will also continue to provide opportunities for Youth members to engage with Saskatchewan MLAs and business and community leaders. By providing a fun and interesting environment for like-minded, politically interested young people to coalesce, we will help to build a strong future for our Party and our province.

Saskatchewan’s economy is strong and our population is growing. Our youth unemployment rate is consistently among the lowest in the nation and well below the national average. Supports for post-secondary students and recent graduates combine to represent the most aggressive youth retention efforts of any province in the country. Saskatchewan is truly one of the best places for young people to study, work, and live. Our Executive looks forward to meeting youth members form across the province, we look forward to growing our youth association, and we look forward to working with Saskatchewan Party MLAs and candidates to help keep Saskatchewan strong. We hope you join us.

- David Keogan, President, Saskatchewan Party Youth

Saskatchewan Party Youth Executive

President: David Keogan
Vice-President: Annie Dormuth
Secretary: Jean Luc Desjardins
Treasurer: Brayden Fox
Communications: Mitch Graw

Regional Representatives
Saskatoon: Danusha Rajapaksa
Regina: Sean Wilson
North East: Randall Fiddler
North West: Erik Carey
South East: Natalie Pepper
South West: Jeri Waldo

Saskatchewan Party Campus Clubs

University of Regina
President: Vacant

University of Saskatchewan
President: Vacant

"I’ve always been interested in provincial politics and in my first year of university, I decided that the Saskatchewan Party principles of a smaller, more efficient, and more accountable government coincided with my own views of how governments should operate. I reached out to the youth and began to attend events, helping out whenever I could, but also enjoying being around other politically minded youth. The many positive changes brought to this province, such as initiating the Graduate Retention Program and investing record amounts into our post-secondary system, show that the Saskatchewan Party is supportive of young people who wish to live and work in the province. I continue to strongly support the Sask. Party Youth, as it is an avenue for any young person who wishes to support the Saskatchewan Party, and become more involved in provincial politics."

- Brayden Fox

"Having grown up in Saskatchewan my whole life, I have a strong passion for the province and its success in Canada and the world. I was always interested in politics but never knew how to get involved until I started University and began to learn more about the Saskatchewan Party and its Youth branch. I am so glad I made the step to join and involve myself in their initiatives, volunteer opportunities and social activities. I believe joining the Saskatchewan Party Youth has helped me meet influential people and gain experience in a field that I am so passionate about."

- Serena Welland

"As a new immigrant, my initial intention was to pursue a post-secondary education in the engineering field. However, when I moved to Saskatchewan, I was overwhelmed by the economic development and the political stability in the province.This made me curious as to whether I could implement such economic prosperity and political order in my mother country. The curiosity drove me to continue my higher education in Economics and Political Studies. Throughout my time at the University of Saskatchewan, I discovered the strong connection between the Saskatchewan Party and the economic development within the province. Among many other reasons to get involved in politics, this was the main reason for me to join the Sask. Party Youth. I believe the Saskatchewan Party Youth provides me, and others like me, with a unique opportunity to learn, engage, and celebrate the rapid development in the province."

- Danusha Rajapaksa

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