Balanced Budgets

The Saskatchewan Party has a plan to balance the budget by 2024, and that plan is on track. Balance will be achieved through a strong economic recovery and a growing economy, without tax increases or reductions in programs and services.

Our Saskatchewan Party government has made a strong commitment to grow the economy, which will ensure the province's revenues also grow, allowing for a balanced budget that includes important investments in public services like healthcare, education, and public safety.

We understand that COVID-19 had an impact on the 2020-21 provincial budget, which accounted for approximately half of the deficit. Prior to the pandemic, Saskatchewan was on track for balanced budgets in 2019-20 and 2020-21.

These additional costs included expenses and operational funding for healthcare and programming for individuals and businesses here in our province. These are one-time expenses which will not be present in future budgets once we are through this pandemic.

The 2020-21 budget also invests in the priorities of Saskatchewan people- healthcare, education and social services to strengthen families and help our most vulnerable individuals.

The Saskatchewan Party will continue to support, and invest in, the priorities of Saskatchewan people by ensuring we have a strong plan for the recovery and growth of the province's economy.