Premier Wall To Visit La Ronge Today

Premier Wall To Visit La Ronge Today March 28, 2016

Premier Brad Wall is taking the Saskatchewan Party campaign north today as he travels to La Ronge in the northern constituency of Cumberland.

Wall will be there to support Saskatchewan Party candidate Thomas Sierzycki and to say thank you to people in the community for their efforts during last summer's unprecedented forest fires and evacuation.

"There are many people in the community to thank, particularly those who remained behind to coordinate the evacuation, to make sure property was safe, and to help feed and look after the firefighting crews.

"One of the people who stayed in La Ronge to lead those efforts was Mayor Thomas Sierzycki," Wall said.  "I know all of Saskatchewan was impressed by the leadership shown during this crisis by La Ronge's young mayor and I am proud that Thomas is part of the Saskatchewan Party team in this election."

Wall said Sierzycki would be a strong voice for northern Saskatchewan in the legislature.

"At the start of the campaign, when we learned that an NDP candidate wanted to shut down uranium mines, Thomas was quick to defend this industry and its importance to northern Saskatchewan and First Nations employment," Wall said.  "I know Thomas would be a much stronger voice for Cumberland than the current NDP member, who just last week didn't even bother to show up for an all-candidates’ debate in La Ronge.”

Wall said the NDP never delivered for the north during their 16 years in government.  In contrast, since 2007, the Saskatchewan Party government has made a number of important investments in La Ronge and northern Saskatchewan, including:

-       $500,000 for the planning of a new long-term care facility in La Ronge;

-       26.5 per cent funding increase to the Northern Lights School Division while enrolment has remained unchanged;

-       $33 million for a major addition and renovation at the Churchill Community High School in La Ronge;

-       Five new pre-K programs in the Cumberland constituency including two in La Ronge;

-       Increased municipal revenue sharing to La Ronge by over $1 million a year or 182 per cent since 2007;

-       Overall northern municipal revenue sharing has doubled from $10 million in 2007 to $20 million in 2016;

-       $27 million invested to develop 270 new housing units in northern Saskatchewan since 2007; and

-       $350 million invested in northern highways in the past eight years – up 30 per cent compared to the NDP’s last eight years in government.

Wall said a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government will also provide an additional $500,000 annually to expand the remote presence technology pilot project underway in Pelican Narrows to additional northern communities. 

"Thomas Sierzycki would be a strong voice for the north in a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government," Wall said.  "On April 4, I encourage the voters of Cumberland constituency to help keep Saskatchewan strong by electing Thomas Sierzycki."


For further information:  Kathy Young, (306) 359-1638 or 1-800-966-9611, [email protected]