REALITY CHECK: More promises from the NDP on health care they can’t deliver on

Just like in elections past, the NDP are at it again; making promises in health care. History shows when that happens, the almost exact opposite of what they promise is the result.


Take the 2003 election for example when the NDP promised in their platform to provide “the best public health care in Canada” and “emergency surgery will occur without delay” (NDP Platform, 2003).

But the exact opposite happened when that NDP government was elected:

  • Saskatchewan had the LONGEST surgical wait times in Canada (Sask. patients wait longest – Leader, Post, October 19, 2005).
  • Saskatchewan had the WORST doctor and nurse retention rate in Canada

Today, the NDP are talking about ER wait times by using a plan implemented by the NDP government in Manitoba.

THE PROBLEM: Manitoba has the longest ER wait times in Canada. So maybe that’s not such a good plan.

Article: Winnipeg continues to have longest ER wait times in Canada - Winnipeg Free Press

And what did the NDP government here do for emergency care when they were in power

  • CLOSED the Plains Hospital and that emergency room in Regina
  • CLOSED 52 other hospitals across Saskatchewan, many of which had emergency care

Today, that’s all changed.

We now have the SHORTEST surgical wait times in Canada, we’ve hired hire 650 more doctors and 3000 more nurses and we’re opening hospitals and collaborative emergency clinics to better serve rural patients.