Seniors Care

The Saskatchewan Party government has made significant investments to improve supports for seniors and those in long-term care. 

  • 15 new long-term care facilities have been built or are under construction in the province. 
  • Assistance for seniors through the Seniors Income Plan (SIP) has been tripled to $270 per month.
  • We’ve introduced a new Personal Care Home Benefit which provides low income seniors over $4600 per year on average to assist with the cost of living in a care home.
  • We’ve significantly increased front-line health care staff, hiring 3000 more nurses and 650 more doctors.

What was the NDP’s record?

  • The NDP closed 1,200 long-term care beds.
  • The NDP kept the Senior’s Income Plan frozen at $90 for 16 years.
  • They even tried to raise monthly fees for seniors in long-term care facilities to 90 per cent of a senior’s income.
  • Under the NDP, Saskatchewan had the worst nurse and doctors shortage in Canada leading to a massive shortage of front-line health care workers.



Let's Keep Making Progress On Care For Our Seniors