Support for Municipalities

After years of underfunding from the previous NDP government, the Saskatchewan Party government introduced a new municipal revenue formula based on a percentage of PST revenue. In 2020-21, provincial funding from municipal revenue sharing increased by more than $26 million to a total of $278 million, an increase of 119% since 2007.

In the past 12 years, Saskatchewan Party government has provided nearly $2.88 billion in revenue sharing. During the last 13 years that the NDP were in government, they provided a total of approximately $928 million to municipalities through revenue sharing. That is $1.95 billion more in revenue sharing, or an increase of over 210% compared to the NDP over their last 12 years.

In May 2020, the Saskatchewan Party government announced a $7.5 billion, two-year capital plan to lead Saskatchewan through the economic recovery. This plan will invest an additional $2 billion above the existing $5.5 billion capital plan to build schools, hospitals, highways and municipal infrastructure throughout Saskatchewan

A key component of this plan is the $150 million Municipal Economic Enhancement Program to provide funding for shovel-ready local initiatives and encourage local job creation. Over 1,359 projects have been announced and $149 million in funding has been invested in critical public infrastructure. Since 2008, the Saskatchewan Party government has invested approximately $2 billion to support municipal infrastructure projects.

The Saskatchewan Party government has also undertaken a joint program to provide $31.5 million for bridge funding and repair across the province. These investments will be spent over the next four years towards 28 bridge projects in 20 rural municipalities.

The Saskatchewan Party has supported key water and wastewater infrastructure right across the province. Since 2007, the Saskatchewan Party government has announced and committed more than $408 million towards over 900 Saskatchewan water and wastewater projects that serve local communities.

The Saskatchewan Party government is proud of the investments made into our municipalities and remains committed to building a strong province and stimulating the economic recovery.