Supporting our Seniors

The Saskatchewan Party government has made supporting seniors a priority by creating a Minister Responsible for Seniors in August 2019 in order to represent seniors and advocate for their needs.

Since 2007, our Saskatchewan Party government has constructed 14 new long-term care facilities in communities across the province. Funding for long-term care has increased by 45% since 2007 to a total of nearly $760 million annually. There are over 700 more frontline staff working in long-term care facilities since 2007 including 346 more Licensed Practical Nurses. The NOP eliminated 1,200 long-term care beds and had the worst doctor and nurse retention rate in Canada.

The Saskatchewan Party government kept our 2016 election promise by creating the Seniors' Education Property Tax Deferral Program. This program helps eligible seniors with their costs of living by providing a repayable loan for the education portion of the property taxes on their home.

Since 2007, over $43 million has been invested to create over 526 housing units for seniors. We work with various community partners to provide over 12,100 affordable units for seniors across the province. The Life Lease Program offers seniors with moderate incomes the opportunity to live in an affordable apartment-style home in exchange for a deposit and a monthly occupancy fee.

Life has been made more affordable for seniors through the following government initiatives:

  • under the Seniors Drug Plan, eligible seniors pay $25 a prescription;
  • the Seniors Income Plan has tripled since 2007, from $90/ month to $270/ month;
  • road ambulance fees are capped at $275/trip for seniors 65 and older; and
  • introduced the Personal Care Home Benefit in 2012 to help seniors pay for the cost of licensed personal care homes and have increased the income threshold by $200.

The Saskatchewan Party government remains committed to providing our province's seniors with the best quality of care and dignity that they deserve.