Supporting Persons with Disabilities

In 2015, the Saskatchewan Party government developed a Disability Strategy in consultation with the disability community. It provides the framework for government to offer an array of programs and services across all Ministries that support people with disabilities, helping make Saskatchewan the best place in Canada to live for people with disabilities.

The Saskatchewan Party government created and implemented the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program in 2009 to provide income support and a greater choice of services for individuals with disabilities. SAID benefits have increased four times since its creation and over $1.8 billion has been invested into the program.

Total government investments and supports for people with disabilities in 2020-21 is $613.3 million, a $398 million (185%) increase since 2007-08. In total since 2008-09, the Saskatchewan Party government has invested over $5.6 billion to support people with disabilities.

In the Plan for Growth and the 2019 Speech from the Throne, the Saskatchewan Party government announced that we will introduce new legislation aimed at removing and preventing accessibility barriers. The new Accessibility Act will look at design of public spaces, information and communications, customer service standards, service animal certification, public sector procurement and employment, and public transportation.

The Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities Funding (TAPD) program directly supports this priority by helping Saskatchewan municipalities provide safe, available, public paratransit services for people with disabilities. The TAPD program provides $3.79 million in funding to support local paratransit programs across the province.

In partnership with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), important services and programs are delivered in communities across the province. The 2020-21 Budget for these CBOs is $233.5 million, which is a $164.5 million (239%) increase since 2007-08.

The Saskatchewan Party government is proud of our record in providing supports for people with disabilities to allow them to have the best quality of life in our province.