Since Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party formed government, Saskatchewan has tripled investments in educational infrastructure across our province and doubled the total education budget:

  • 40 new or replaced schools and 25 major renovations undertaken
    • Nearly $966 million invested in capital funding since 2008
    • 18 new joint-use schools are under construction in Saskatchewan’s fastest growing communities
  • 31% increase in operational funding in the province
  • 104% increase in pre-kindergarten programs, more than doubling programs from 155 to 316
  • Education Property Tax on agricultural land reduced by 80%
  • Increased teachers and support workers in education:
    • Over 600 more regular teachers
    • 200 more student support teachers
    • 45% increase in psychologists
    • 24% increase in speech language pathologists
    • 14% increase in social workers
    • 53% increase in occupational therapists
    • 8% increase in English as Additional Language Teachers

The NDP failed to invest in students, the future of our province, when they had the chance in government:

  • Under the NDP, students declined by 16% between 1997 and 2006
  • From 2000-2007, the number of teachers in Saskatchewan decreased by 400
  • The NDP cut the operational funding to school divisions in 1993-1994, and increased it by 0% in 1995

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