Are you a young person thinking about getting involved in politics? Do you support the Saskatchewan Party's vision of a growing and strong Saskatchewan?

You should join the Saskatchewan Party Youth! We're a dynamic group of young politically active individuals from across Saskatchewan. There are many reasons to join:

  • Meet Saskatchewan Party MLAs and Candidates;
  • Network with other party supporters;
  • Learn how the political process works; 
  • Meet lots of new like-minded people with a passion for politics; and
  • Have fun at our awesome events.

Follow us on Instagram at @SaskPartyYouth.

Become a Saskatchewan Party Youth Member!

Saskatchewan Party Youth Executive

President: Spencer Possberg
Vice President: Derek Griffin
Director of Finance: Esther Akinjobi
Director of Membership: Maksim Sharoika
Director of Communications: 
Director of Events: Max Eyre
Secretary: Jenna Dueck