Premier Scott Moe

Meet Scott Moe

Scott Moe was first elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in the 2011 provincial election. He was re-elected in 2016. He was then elected Leader of the Saskatchewan Party on January 27, 2018 and sworn in as Premier of Saskatchewan on February 2, 2018. Premier Moe's Saskatchewan Party government was re-elected on October 27, 2020, with a strong 48 seat majority.

Premier Moe was born and raised in the constituency on a grain farm between Shellbrook and Parkside. He and his wife Krista live in Shellbrook with their two children. As a family, they enjoy many outdoor activities in what he describes as the irreplaceable landscape of Saskatchewan.

Premier Moe was educated at the University of Saskatchewan where he received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He has been active in the community through his work with the Economic Development Corporation, the Shellbrook and District Health Services Project Inc., and the Shellbrook and District Physician Recruitment Committee. He has also volunteered his time to work with local hockey and softball associations.

Premier Moe served as a member of the legislature's Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies and was deputy chair of the legislature's Standing Committee on Public Accounts. Premier Moe has previously served as Minister of Environment, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Water Corporation, and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

Moe Family
Moe Interview

The Moe You Know


My wife Krista. We have one son, and one daughter.

Where did he grow up?

On a grain farm between Shellbrook and Parkside. Today I live in Shellbrook.

High school name?

W.P. Sandin Public School, home of the uniquely named "Aardvarks".

So...what is an Aardvark?

A nocturnal burrowing mammal with long ears, a tubular snout, and a long extensible tongue, feeding on ants and termites. Aardvarks are native to Africa and have no close relatives.

The unofficial slogan for the Aardvarks: first in the phonebook, first in our hearts. Note: I just made that up.

Favourite NHL team?

Edmonton Oilers. I know it has been a rough 10 years, but growing up I loved to watch Gretzky.

Favourite pizza?

Hawaiian. I’ve taken some serious political heat on social media for disgracing pizza with fruit, but I challenge the doubters to try the pizza, because clearly, you never have.

Best outdoor activity to do when he's not being Premier?

Fishing, golfing or watersports.

Important fact: Premier Moe has indicated that he can hit the golf ball at least 40 yards further than former Premier Wall. At the time of publishing, former Premier Wall has not refuted this bold claim.

How do you drink your coffee?


Sunset or sunrise?


Favourite Netflix show?

House of Cards. It’s nothing like real politics, but I can’t help but love the show.

Favourite childhood movie?

Speedy Gonzales.

Should socks and sandals ever be combined?

This is going to be like the pizza thing, isn't it? If it's cold. We do live in Saskatchewan after all.