A re-elected Saskatchewan Party would:

  • Implement our highways 2020 plan - fix more highways through a $70 million surge in funding, and $2.7 billion in highways and transportation funding over four years
  • Continue to invest in much needed infrastructure projects

Today, under the Saskatchewan Party, record investments are being made in new schools, hospitals, and road infrastructure projects:

  • Record $8 billion invested in infrastructure in 8 years, more than double that of the previous 8 years
  • $5.2 billion in transportation infrastructure, repairing or upgrading over 9,700 km of highways
  • $1.2 billion in health care infrastructure for 15 new long-term care facilities, a children’s hospital, the Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford, and the new Moose Jaw Hospital
  • Nearly $1 billion in education capital for 40 new or replaced schools, 25 major renovations (over half of Saskatchewan’s schools have been repaired) and 18 brand new joint-use schools built using a P3 model for Saskatchewan’s fastest growing communities
  • $10 billion invested across the crown sector since 2007 to update critical infrastructure Saskatchewan people depend on every day, such as power generation and delivery, natural gas distribution, water, cell towers and rural internet delivery

The NDP's Record?

  • Closed 52 hospitals across Saskatchewan and shut down 1,200 long-term care beds
  • Closed 176 schools, and planned for declining enrolments in Saskatchewan
  • Left roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure to crumble under their watch


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Let's Keep Building For Saskatchewan's Future