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Keyfund - Monthly Donor Program


The Saskatchewan Party operates primarily with donations from people such as yourself.

Many people want to give larger donations but can’t afford to do so all at once.

The Keyfund Monthly Donor Program allows you to make small monthly payments in the amount of your choice.

KeyFund Member Benefits:

  • Keyfund allows you to spread out your contribution into easy monthly payments.
  • Keyfund members have their membership automatically renewed every year at no additional cost. This also applies to spouses, if they so wish.
  • Your contributions will be split 50/50 between your local constituency association and the Party. This ensures that your candidate and the Party have enough funds to fight and win the next provincial election.
  • All Keyfund donations are eligible for tax receipts, but only total annual donations of over $250 are made public.

Any questions regarding Keyfund, please call the Party office at 1-800-966-9611.

You can also click here to download a copy of the sign up form and mail to our Regina Office.  

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Your credit card will be billed automatically every month

If you wish to donate over the phone you can contact the Saskatchewan Party at 800.966.9611

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Contributions are tax deductible.

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