A Risk We Can’t Afford: NDP Fail to Account for $4 Billion in Platform Commitments

A Risk We Can’t Afford: NDP Fail to Account for $4 Billion in Platform Commitments October 14, 2020

During the Provincial Leaders' debate, Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe revealed that Ryan Meili and the NDP failed to account for over $4 billion in spending commitments made in the Saskatchewan NDP platform. The $4 billion in hidden spending is on top of the $2.7 billion that the NDP did account for in their platform.

The cost of the NDP platform over four years now adds up to a $6.7 billion spending spree over a four-year term. This will result in higher taxes, endless deficits, or both.

Moe questioned Meili on why he failed to account for the over $4 billion in spending plans, and how he intended on making Saskatchewan people pay for his costly, hidden promises.

“Ryan Meili and the NDP won’t pay for these promises,” Moe said. “Saskatchewan people will.”

The unaccounted costs include over $2.5 billion in capital expenditures that the NDP failed to include in their platform costing. During the 2016 election under previous NDP leader Cam Broten, the Saskatchewan NDP included capital expenditures in their costed platform document.

The remaining costs include botching the impacts of changes to government revenues, drastically under-costing new spending promises, and even blatantly forgetting to include spending promises.

Find the full costing and costing assumptions for the NDP’s hidden $4 billion in spending plans in the attached background document.


Jim Billington
Communications Director
Saskatchewan Party Campaign
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