A Strong Agricultural Sector

Our province is the second-largest agriculture and agri-food exporter in Canada, and the agriculture sector accounts for nearly 50,000 jobs and over 8% of the GDP. We are proud of the Saskatchewan Party record when it comes to support for this vital sector of our economy.

To further our global reach, the Saskatchewan Party government has undertaken the opening of three new trade offices in key export markets to facilitate investment and trade with for our agriculture sector. These offices will be located in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore and New Delhi, India and are expected to open in early 2021.

Missions to key export destinations help to ensure that Saskatchewan producers are subject to fair and transparent rules when bringing their products to market. The Saskatchewan Party government is proud to advocate on behalf of our producers for predictable and consistent rules for trade and the removal of trade barriers. Trade missions help to communicate to partner countries that Saskatchewan is a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality agri-food products.

Our Saskatchewan Party government has also undertaken key initiatives to support the agricultural producers of our province. Some of these highlights include:

  • Average Crop lnsurance coverage levels have more than doubled to $224/acre from only $88/acre under the NDP, which is the second highest per-acre coverage in the history of the program.
  • 14% reduction in Saskatchewan Crop Insurance premiums in 2020 vs. 2019.
  • Coverage for unseeded acreage has been doubled to up to $100/acre, compared to only $50/acre under the NDP. There are now also multiple options to purchase coverage for unseeded acreage unlike under the former NDP government.

The Saskatchewan Party will continue to support, and invest in, the agricultural sector of our province with a proud track record of championing this vital Saskatchewan industry.