Axe the tax, lower inflation!

Axe the tax, lower inflation! February 27, 2024

We've got good news on inflation, a successful trade mission, and progress for families struggling with addictions. Read more in our Week-in-Review!


Inflation drops after scrapping carbon tax on home-heating

Our decision to scrap the carbon tax on home heating had an immediate positive effect on inflation in Saskatchewan. Inflation dropped from 2.7% to 1.9% year over year — well below the Canadian average of 2.9%. This is great news for the people of Saskatchewan!

Addictions Action Plan

We are working hard to help people struggling with addictions in Saskatchewan. Learn more about our Addictions Action Plan from Tim McLeod, our Minister for Mental Health and Addictions!

Strong Economy, Good Jobs

Premier Scott Moe sat down this week with multiple members of the Indian government to discuss more trade opportunities for Saskatchewan businesses. In 2023, Saskatchewan exports to India totalled $1.3 billion — helping keep our economy strong and creating good jobs here at home!

Help us fight back and keep Saskatchewan strong

First, the NDP tried to ban people from promoting our energy industry. Then, the Liberals announced they won't fund roads anymore.

These out-of-touch politicians have made it clear they don't understand Saskatchewan at all.

We need to fight back and be ready for the next election — chip in $25 today and let's make sure we re-elect a strong Saskatchewan Party majority government!