Cameron Scott Officially Nominated as Saskatchewan Party Candidate for Fairview By-election

August 02, 2017



Saskatoon, SK - Tonight, the Saskatchewan Party announced that Cameron Scott has officially been nominated as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Saskatoon Fairview by-election. Scott’s nomination was confirmed by the Saskatchewan Party’s members in the Fairview constituency.

 “I am honoured to be the Saskatchewan Party’s candidate for the Saskatoon Fairview by-election,” Scott said. “Saskatoon Fairview has had strong representation with the Saskatchewan Party since 2011, and I look forward to continuing that tradition.”

 A long-time resident on the west side of Saskatoon, Scott is currently serving as the Ward 4 Trustee on the Saskatoon Public School Board. He defeated a longtime incumbent in the 2016 school board election.

 “Serving the residents and families of Ward 4 has confirmed for me that the Saskatchewan Party government has made significant investments in education during the last decade,” Scott said. “With a brand-new school on the west side and hundreds more teachers since 2007, the Saskatchewan Party has certainly been committed to improving education in Saskatoon.”

Scott also pointed to a number of other improvements in Saskatoon as a reason for his support of Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

“I can remember growing up in Saskatchewan when many of my friends moved away to Alberta or other parts of Canada – they felt nothing was here for them,” Scott said.

“In the last decade, things have really changed in Saskatoon – it’s grown stronger. Young people are staying here, our population is up, more people are working, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is under construction, and there are new schools to send our kids to.”

In addition to serving as a school board trustee, Scott has worked as a Correctional Officer for nearly a decade. He said the combined experience of education management and public service gives him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing Saskatoon and the province.

“There’s no question that our province has faced challenging financial times recently, and there were difficult decisions in the recent budget,” said Scott. “But let’s remember how far Saskatoon has come in just the last decade. I’m happy to live and work here, and I look forward to having the honour of serving the residents of Saskatoon Fairview.”