Moe Outlines Clear Choice During 2020 Provincial Leaders' Debate

Moe Outlines Clear Choice During 2020 Provincial Leaders' Debate October 14, 2020

During the 2020 Provincial Leaders' debate, Saskatchewan voters heard a clear difference between the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP, and a clear answer to the question - who do you trust to lead Saskatchewan’s economic recovery from the pandemic?

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe laid out his plan for a strong recovery and a strong Saskatchewan. He spoke to the Saskatchewan Party’s record of growth, our plan to make life more affordable, and our plan to balance the budget by 2024.

“The choice is clear,” said Moe. “The Saskatchewan Party has a plan for a strong Saskatchewan. It’s a plan for a strong economy, strong communities and strong families. It’s a plan for a strong recovery, and it’s a plan that makes life more affordable for everyone.”

Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili was left answering questions for the $4 billion in unaccounted spending revealed during the debate, totalling the NDP’s spending spree at over $6.7 billion. Moe stated that an NDP government would drive up taxes, drive up the deficit, or both. Meili again failed to provide a plan for how the NDP would balance the budget, instead promising billions of reckless spending.

Closing the debate, Moe again thanked Saskatchewan people for their continued vigilance in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and everything they have done to ensure Saskatchewan remains strong in the face of adversity.

“I want to close tonight where I started, by saying thank you,” Moe stated. “Thank you for watching tonight and thank you for everything you have done this year to see our province through the pandemic. Thanks to you, Saskatchewan is strong, and we are going to get through this, stronger than ever.”

Moe ended by asking voters to compare the plans and the records of the Saskatchewan Party with the NDP.

“In the days ahead, I hope you will take the time to compare the plans, compare the records, and vote in this election,” Moe said. “And on Election Day, vote for a strong recovery and a strong Saskatchewan.”


Jim Billington
Communications Director
Saskatchewan Party Campaign
[email protected]