The Choice

This election is a choice:

The Saskatchewan Party's plan for the economy and record of growth.


An NDP's record of decline and no economic plan for Saskatchewan.

A strong economy is needed to pay for improvements to quality of life for all Saskatchewan people, by way of better health care, highways, schools, and help for our most vulnerable.

Since the Saskatchewan Party was elected, our province has had the second best economic and job creation record in Canada.

That’s allowed us to open new hospitals, schools and long-term care facilities. It’s allowed us to improve highways, hire more doctors and nurses and provide more support for our most vulnerable.

When the NDP was in office, Saskatchewan had the worst economic and job creation record in Canada. So the NDP had to raise your taxes 21 times and still ending up closing 52 hospitals, 176 schools and 1,200 long-term care beds.

Let’s never go back to that.

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On April 4, I’m Voting To Keep Saskatchewan Strong With Premier Brad Wall