Electronic Funds Transfer

If a person wishes to utilize the EFT option for either a donation or a membership purchase, the following guidelines must be used.

Every effort should still be made to have a membership form filled out, signed and sent to the Party Office in order to adhere to the Membership Policy.


  1. If sending an EFT, the money must come from the donor’s account or from a family member in the same household. There are no exceptions.
  2. The EFT notification must be sent to [email protected].
  3. The password must be all in lower case and will be either “donation” or “membership”, depending on what the money is for.
    • We will not have automatic deposit as we need to ensure that we have all the correct information before accepting the transfer.
    • If they are paying for both a membership and donation, please use “donation” as the password.
  4. The phone number of the donor must be included in the notes section so that we can verify any information we need. If it is not the account holder, please also include the donor’s name.
    • We will call the number to verify the information we need

Designation of Funds

As there is usually a limit on the number of characters in the notes section, this information can be emailed to [email protected] if needed. This information must be in writing.

  • If the funds are for a specific constituency or campaign, we will need the name of the constituency/campaign
  • If the funds are to be split between family members, we will need their names
  • If the funds are for both a membership and donation, the length of membership must be indicated. All remaining funds will be designated to a donation.