A re-elected Saskatchewan Party would:

  • Introduce and increase individualized funding for childern under six with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Supporting families

Since Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party formed government, we have worked hard to support families:

  • 4,935 new childcare spaces, an increase of 53%
    • Bringing the total childcare spaces in the province from 9,305 under the NDP to 14,240 under the Saskatchewan Party
    • Commitment to include an additional 810 new childcare spaces in 9 new joint-use school sites
  • New Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings $250 annual matching RESP contribution
  • Providing a 10% matching RESP grant each year to help families save for their children’s education
  • PST eliminated on clothes for children under 18
  • Expanding Children’s Insulin Pump Program to people 25 and under
  • Increased autism support & services funding by 1500%

Under the NDP, life was harder for families through frequent tax increases and education cuts:

  • The NDP admitted that in government it was responsible for Saskatchewan having the poorest childcare space record in Canada
  • The NDP closed 176 schools while raising education property taxes
  • Raised the PST 4 times on families


I Support Helping Saskatchewan Families