Under the Highways 2020 Plan, a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government will:

  • Repair more Saskatchewan highways through a three year, $70 million surge in highway repair and maintenance.
  • Invest $2.7 billion in highways and transportation infrastructure over the next four years.  This funding is in addition to funding for construction of the Regina Bypass.

For many years, the NDP wasn’t even putting all of the fuel tax collected back into highways, leaving Saskatchewan with a billion dollar pothole in highway maintenance. 

Since 2007 the Saskatchewan Party has:

  • Repaired and rebuilt nearly 10,000 kilometres of highways and
  • Invested $5.2 billion in Saskatchewan’s provincial highway network -  $1 billion more than the NDP invested in the previous 16 years.

Investing in highways and infrastructure and fixing Saskatchewan roads – it’s part of our plan to keep Saskatchewan strong.


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I Support the Saskatchewan Party's Plan For Investing In Our Highways