Immigration and Career Training

The Saskatchewan Party government is taking steps to have greater control and autonomy over immigration in our province to increase our economic strength and reach our goal of growing the population to 1.4 million over the next decade.

Since 2007, over 123,000 immigrants have arrived in Saskatchewan, adding to our record high population of 1,181,987. These newcomers have come from nearly 180 countries around the world and have settled in approximately 430 communities across Saskatchewan.

In 2019, the Saskatchewan Party government announced a new immigration category for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program to help international students graduating to stay in the province as entrepreneurs and attract business investment.

In 2020, the Saskatchewan Party government announced the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy to reimburse eligible employers 100% of employee training costs in order to support the safe re-opening of our economy.

Since 2007, both funding for Essential Skills programs and the number of training opportunities have increased by over 50% and funding for apprenticeship training has increased by nearly 60%.

The Saskatchewan Party remains committed to attracting and welcoming immigrants into our province so they may contribute to growing our economy and building a strong Saskatchewan.