Keeping Young People in Saskatchewan

Since 2007, the Saskatchewan Party government has provided over $1.2 billion in supports to students in our province. This year, $112.7 million in student supports was invested - an increase of 262% since 2007.

The Saskatchewan Party government introduced the Graduate Retention Program; the only program of its kind in Canada, which has benefited over 74,000 graduates since its inception. The program provides graduates with up to $20,000 of their tuition fees back over several years, provided the student stays and works in Saskatchewan after graduation.

Along with this program, the Saskatchewan Party government introduced several scholarship opportunities including:

  • The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship (SAS), a program which provides eligible Grade 12 graduates attending a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution $500 a year to a maximum of $2,000. Since inception in 2012, the SAS has provided nearly 113,000 scholarships to over 48,000 students totaling $55.5 million;
  • The Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunities Scholarship which has awarded 30,600 students with an average of $2,000; and
  • The Scholarship of Honour in 2009, since its inception the scholarship has provided $1.1 million to 223 recipients.

To help young families attend university in Saskatchewan, our government added additional childcare spaces in post­ secondary institutions including:

  • 90 childcare spaces at the First Nations University of Canada;
  • 200 at the University of Saskatchewan;
  • 180 at the University of Regina; and
  • 162 at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

In 2009 the Saskatchewan Party government introduced the Repayment Assistance Plan, and in 2010 we reduced the interest rates to prime for all student loans. Since that time the debt repayment rate for Saskatchewan students has increased to 90 per cent, from a low of 62 per cent in 2004.

Our province has a strong economy in order to attract and keep young people in Saskatchewan with over 75,500 jobs created since the Saskatchewan Party took office in 2007. The population has grown by over 170,000 to a record high 1,18 million people including young families who make their home in Saskatchewan.

We are proud of the investments we have made in order to support young people in Saskatchewan and make this province the best place for families to call home.