Kickstart the Energy East pipeline

Kickstart the Energy East pipeline

 Let’s send a message to Ottawa that Saskatchewan knows pipelines are critical for Canada’s energy sector and are the most efficient, safe, and sustainable way to get our oil to market.

 Energy East was proposed in 2013 as a means for Western Canada to ship 1.1 million barrels/day of crude oil to refineries in Eastern Canada.

But after the Trudeau government changed the rules on pipeline approvals to include upstream AND downstream emissions, Trans Canada pulled the plug on this project. 

This $15-billion interprovincial pipeline project would provide not only a means for Canada to determine it’s own economic destiny it would also:

  • Be a job source for many Canadians
  • Reduce our dependence on Foreign Oil (for instance, Saudi Arabia)
  • Bring our oil to market around the world
  • Works in line with bill C-69

We can’t count on the NDP to help. They have continuously opposed common sense pipeline projects that get Saskatchewan resources to market.

The Trudeau government needs to send a strong signal to private investors that Canada is open to investment like this that creates jobs and frees up rail capacity for our other commodities.