Delbert Kirsch Wins Contested Nomination in Batoche

Delbert Kirsch Wins Contested Nomination in Batoche March 05, 2019


Wakaw, SK – Tonight, Delbert Kirsch won the contested nomination in the constituency of Batoche, becoming the Saskatchewan Party candidate for the 2020 provincial election. This is Kirsch’s fifth time being selected, having represented and consecutively won a seat in the 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2016 provincial elections.

“Thank you.” Kirsch said, “It is truly an honour representing this constituency and I’m proud to stand before you tonight as your Saskatchewan Party candidate once again.”

Kirsch currently serves the government on the caucus Management Committee, the Deputy Chair of Committees, as a member of the Privileges Committee and on the Standing Committee on the Economy.

“Our voice in rural Saskatchewan is important.” Kirsch stated, “We have a strong agriculture industry in this province and particularly in this constituency. They want a government that is willing to stand up against the Trudeau Carbon tax and in favour of a strong energy & resource sector; the Saskatchewan Party is their obvious choice.”

Kirsch said the progress the Saskatchewan Party has made in standing up for rural Saskatchewan as one of the main reason he is running again.

“I’ve spent my whole life in rural Saskatchewan and we’ve made significant progress, especially in regards to our investments in agriculture, highways, and education.” Kirsch said, “I’m excited to continue the work that I’ve started in this constituency and that we’ve begun as a Saskatchewan Party team as we head into the next election.”

Kirsch and his wife Valerie have three grown children and live in the constituency.

The Saskatchewan Party has now nominated 30 candidates in advance of the October 2020 provincial election.

The next nomination meeting will be held in the constituency of Lloydminster on March 9, 2019.

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