Mark Docherty Acclaimed in Regina Coronation Park

Mark Docherty Acclaimed in Regina Coronation Park October 28, 2019

Regina, SK – Tonight, Mark Docherty was nominated as the Saskatchewan Party’s candidate for Regina Coronation Park in the upcoming 2020 provincial election. Docherty ran for the nomination unopposed.

“It’s an honour to again have the support of Saskatchewan Party members in the Coronation Park constituency,” said Docherty. “I look forward to running once again in next fall’s election.”

First elected in the 2011 election and re-elected in 2016, Docherty has served in a number of portfolios and government roles. Docherty is currently the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and has served previously as the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission, Legislative Secretary for Disability Issues, and Legislative Secretary to the Premier for Immigration and Culture.

Docherty noted his continued commitment to improving the Coronation Park constituency and all of Regina as one of the main reasons he decided to run again in the 2020 election.

“I think our Saskatchewan Party team has helped make significant improvements both here in Regina and around Saskatchewan,” said Docherty. “But, as we always say, there’s more to do. We have to keep our commitment make Saskatchewan the best place in Canada to work, live, and raise a family. Beginning with Scott Moe’s strong leadership, I’m very proud to be on the team once again as we head towards 2020.”

Prior to his career as an MLA, Docherty worked in many human service roles, including director of Dales House, director of Immigration Settlement, supervisor for Health-Community Care Branch, team leader at the Paul Dojack Youth Centre, and clinical director for Leading Thunderbird Lodge. He is also a founding board member of Street Culture Kids Project Inc. and has served on the board of the North Central Community Association.

The Saskatchewan Party has now nominated 49 candidates in advance of the 2020 election.