Nadeem Naz Acclaimed in Regina Douglas Park

Nadeem Naz Acclaimed in Regina Douglas Park January 30, 2020


Tonight, Nadeem Naz was nominated as the Saskatchewan Party’s candidate for Regina Douglas Park in the upcoming provincial election. He ran for the nomination unopposed. 

“I’m very pleased to stand as a candidate for the Saskatchewan Party in the upcoming election,” said Naz. “I’m looking forward to getting out on the doorsteps in Douglas Park and meeting as many constituents that I can in that great area.”

Naz pointed to Premier Scott Moe’s strong leadership as a reason for putting his name forward as a Saskatchewan Party candidate. 

“Looking across Canada, I have to say that I’m so thankful to have Premier Moe leading our province,” he said. “From day one he has shown strong leadership against the Trudeau carbon tax, I know we will keep supporting the development of pipelines, and I know Premier Moe will ensure a Saskatchewan Party government keeps investing in vital social programs.”

“Premier Moe’s strong leadership means one thing: a strong Saskatchewan.”

With Naz’s nomination, the Saskatchewan Party has now nominated 54 out of 61 candidates in advance of the provincial election.