Since Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party formed government, provincial funding to municipalities has more than doubled:

  • Introducing fair, predictable funding to municipalities by tying it to a full 1% of the PST
  • Doubling funding to municipalities since 2007 from $127 million to $265 million
  • Supporting Saskatchewan communities hit hard by flooding through the Provincial Disaster Assistance Plan (PDAP)
    • The PDAP deductible amount was lowered from 20% to 5%
    • The maximum amount for residential claims was raised from $160,000 to $240,000, and for business claims from $160,000 to $500,000
    • Reduced the 12-18 month backlog, dropping the wait for financial assistance to 3-6 months

The NDP failed to implement stable, predictable long-term funding for municipalities:

  • When the NDP left government in 2007, they had shortchanged municipalities by nearly $485 million
  • For 15 out of 16 years, revenue sharing was less than when the NDP first took office in 1991
  • Under the NDP, the PDAP wait was 12-18 months before any financial assistance arrived


I Support Strong Municipalities