NDP Candidate Goes on Facebook Rant Against "Stupid Farmers"


Another NDP Candidate Posts His Support for Alberta NDP’s Controversial Bill 6

In March 2014, Saskatoon Northwest NDP candidate Clayton Wilson went on a Facebook tirade against what he called "stupid farmers", whom he blamed for the railway grain backlog at the time.

Wilson referred to farmers as "stupid farmers" in four separate posts.





Does NDP Leader Cam Broten think it's acceptable that one of his candidates calls Saskatchewan farmers "stupid farmers"?

A second NDP candidate – Weyburn-Big Muddy candidate Mark Jeworski - has posted his support for Alberta’s Bill 6 – the NDP government’s ill-conceived effort to impose labour standards laws on family farms.


Does Cam Broten and the NDP support Bill 6 and do they intend to bring in similar legislation if elected in Saskatchewan?


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