Last Time NDP "Cut Health Care Waste" It Meant 52 Hospitals Closed, Massive Staff Shortage

Last Time NDP March 10, 2016

The NDP promises to “cut health care waste” are very vague with little detail – they are just asking us to trust them. After what happened last time, that would be an atrocious idea.

The NDP’s health care record is absolutely deplorable.


  • 52 hospital & 1000 hospital bed closures
  • 1,200 long-term care beds eliminated
  • Longest surgical wait times in Canada
  • Massive front-line staff shortage

This video is a grim reminder of how the NDP used to “cut waste” when they were in government.

Now they want us to trust them again to make the right choices for our health care system? We can’t let the NDP anywhere near our health care system.

The NDP’s dismal health care record stems from its other economic decisions, like raising taxes 21 times and chasing important investments and people out of the province.

Under the NDP, Saskatchewan had a declining population and the WORST economic and job creation record in Canada so there was no money to pay for all their health care promises.

Since 2007, we’ve had record population growth and the second best economic and job creation record in Canada.

That’s allowed our government to make record investments in health care while focusing on innovation (like private surgical clinics within the public system), goal setting and finding efficiencies (including Lean) to improve patient care. Here’s what happened:

  • Building new hospitals, like the Moose Jaw hospital, Sask Hospital North Battleford and the first ever Children’s Hospital
  • Adding 15 new long-term care facilities
  • Our surgical wait times are now the shortest in Canada
  • Hiring 650 new doctors and 3,000 more nurses

We simply can’t trust the NDP with our health care system. Let keep making progress and never go back.