NDP Candidate Says Saskatchewan Uranium Should Be "Left In The Ground"

NDP Candidate Says Saskatchewan Uranium Should Be March 11, 2016

Premier Brad Wall says NDP’s backward thinking would destroy Saskatchewan’s economy

In a Facebook comment dated October 2, 2015, Weyburn-Big Muddy NDP candidate Mark Jeworski said: “Lots wrong with nuclear and that is one resource I’d agree to be left in the ground.



Premier Brad Wall said that’s the kind of backward NDP thinking that would destroy Saskatchewan’s economy.

“There are over 4,000 people employed in the uranium industry in Saskatchewan and nearly half of those workers are First Nations and Metis,” Wall said.  “Yet here we have an NDP candidate who wants to shut down the entire uranium industry, destroy an important part of Saskatchewan’s economy and put 4,000 people out of work.”

“So in the first week of the campaign, we have an NDP candidate who calls farmers ‘stupid,’ we have another NDP candidate who want to shut down the uranium industry and put thousands of people out  of work and the NDP Leader want to stop all P3 projects in Saskatchewan, which would cost millions and kill thousands of construction jobs.  This is why the NDP should never have anything to do with managing Saskatchewan’s economy.

“The NDP would wreck Saskatchewan’s economy,” Wall said. “Don’t let the NDP take us back.”


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