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Scott Moe Elected Leader of Saskatchewan Party, Becomes Premier-designate of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, SK – Tonight, Scott Moe was elected as the Leader of the Saskatchewan Party by party members, receiving 8,075 votes or 53.87% of the vote on the fifth and final ballot. Moe will become the Premier-designate of Saskatchewan until sworn in by the Lieutenant Governor in the coming days.


“It is an incredible honour to be elected as the Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and the next Premier of Saskatchewan,” said Moe. “I want to thank the other leadership candidates and their teams for a competitive race that significantly grew and renewed the Saskatchewan Party. I know the ideas presented and the new supporters gained during this election will keep our party strong in the days, months and years ahead.”

Moe thanked supporters, and committed to working with all of the other leadership candidates and all party members to ensure the Saskatchewan Party remains strong and united going forward.

“Our party needs to remain united and strong to defeat the NDP in 2020 and for many more elections after that,” said Moe. “Saskatchewan people expect us to continue providing a free-enterprise government that uses common sense, stands up for their interests and works towards a growing and prosperous province. I look forward to immediately getting to work as Premier for all the people of Saskatchewan.”

Moe added that he will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan in opposition to the imposed federal carbon tax, saying that it is inefficient and unnecessary.

“We’re going to keep standing up to the federal government on this issue, which is in direct contrast to the Saskatchewan NDP,” said Moe. “Instead of standing up for Saskatchewan, the NDP is selling out Saskatchewan through their approval of the federal carbon tax.”

17,159 members voted in the leadership election, a turnout of 63.3%. This number is higher than recent leadership elections held by the Alberta United Conservative Party, federal NDP, and federal Conservative Party.


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