Post Secondary

If re-elected the Saskatchewan Party will:

  • Allow Graduate Retention Program recipients to use $10,000 of their unused benefits toward a downpayment on their first home.
  • Increase the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship from $500 to $750

We’ve also worked hard to make post-secondary education more affordable for students and their families by:

  • Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship - $500 a year to a max of $2,000 for high school graduates who choose to attend post-secondary in Saskatchewan.
  • Graduate Retention Program ­– $20,000 in tuition rebates if student chose to live and work in Saskatchewan after graduation.
  • Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings - $250 per child RESP matched by province.

  • Increased funding for post-secondary institutions by 61% over eight years – an average increase of over 7.5% per year
  • $468 million provided in capital funding for post- secondary institutions.

What was the NDP’s record?

  • The NDP government drastically underfunded post-secondary education leading to tuition increases at universities and SIAST averaged over 10% per year!
  • Between 1993-94 and 97-98, the NDP actually cut operating funding to the two Universities by $10 million or 5.5%.
  • The NDP had no money for student housing during their entire time in government.



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