Sask. Party Has Invested in Infrastructure, while the NDP didn't

Sask. Party Has Invested in Infrastructure, while the NDP didn't October 10, 2018

On October 2, 2018, the new Chief Mistawasis Bridge in Saskatoon officially opened to the public. Also known as the North Commuter Parkway, the Chief Mistawasis Bridge will serve tens of thousands of Saskatoon residents every day, helping to reduce traffic congestion on Saskatoon’s other bridges and residential areas, and helping Saskatoon residents get to and from work faster.

The Saskatchewan Party government partnered with the federal government and City of Saskatoon and provided $50 million to complete the Chief Mistawasis Bridge.  On the day it opened, Saskatoon mayor Charlie Clark said, “The Chief Mistawasis Bridge is a key element for (Saskatoon’s) future growth and success…” We couldn’t agree more.

But the Chief Mistawasis Bridge is only one example where the Saskatchewan Party government has invested in Saskatchewan’s infrastructure.

Since the Saskatchewan Party was elected in 2007, more than $20 billion has been invested in important infrastructure projects across Saskatchewan, including a few notable projects in Saskatoon:

  • $50 million for the Chief Mistawasis Bridge (north commuter);
  • $98 million for the Gordie Howe Bridge (Circle Drive South);
  • $150 million to twin Highway 11 to Prince Albert;
  • $261 million for eight brand new joint-use schools; and
  • $250 million for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, set to open in 2019.

Now let’s compare that to the NDP’s record on infrastructure when they were government. Due to lack of investment in infrastructure for 16 straight years, the NDP left the province in a terrible infrastructure deficit. Across Saskatchewan, schools were falling apart (not to mention the 176 schools the NDP closed), 52 hospitals were closed, our highways were the worst in Canada, and few bridges were built or even repaired. Overall, the NDP invested 45% less in infrastructure in 16 years than the Saskatchewan Party did in their first eight years of government.


The sad news is that the current NDP are no different. The NDP and their new leader are out-of-touch with Saskatchewan people, and glued to their far left-wing issues. They really have no plan to accomplish even the craziest of their ideas, and they definitely don’t have a plan to keep improving the lives of everyday Saskatchewan people.

On the other hand, the Saskatchewan Party is focused on building tangible and important infrastructure projects for the people of Saskatchewan, like new bridges, schools, and hospitals.

The Chief Mistawasis Bridge in Saskatoon is just one of many examples where the Saskatchewan Party is standing up for Saskatchewan.