Saskatchewan Party Will Reduce Your SaskPower Bills by 10 Per Cent

Saskatchewan Party Will Reduce Your SaskPower Bills by 10 Per Cent October 01, 2020


Premier Scott Moe today announced that if re-elected, a Saskatchewan Party government will provide a one-year, 10 per cent rebate on electricity charges for all SaskPower customers.

"We are going to give everyone a break on their SaskPower bill to help drive Saskatchewan's economic recovery and make life more affordable," Moe said. "This 10 per cent rebate applies to everyone – residential customers, farm customers, businesses and institutions like hospitals, schools and universities."

The rebate will be applied automatically to all SaskPower bills for 12 months, starting in December 2020. The average residential customer will save $215 over the course of the year. The average farm customer will save $845.

Residential customers who are net metering and generating their own power, such as solar power, will receive a $215 rebate over the 12-month period – the equivalent of the average residential rebate.

The rebate will cost $87.2 million in 2020-21 and $174.4 million in 2021-22. The cost to SaskPower will be covered by the General Revenue Fund.

"That's over $260 million in savings for Saskatchewan homeowners, renters, farms and businesses," Moe said. "That's money that will go back into the economy and help drive our recovery from the pandemic over the next year."

Moe said the Saskatchewan Party government's challenge of the Trudeau carbon tax is continuing in the Supreme Court of Canada.

"If our challenge is successful, which we expect it will be, that will take the carbon tax off your power bills and save SaskPower customers an additional $150 million a year," Moe said. "That's the court challenge that Mr. Meili called ‘a pointless crusade.'

"As it stands right now, the Trudeau government plans to raise the carbon tax from $30 to $40 a tonne on January 1, 2021. Trudeau plans to raise taxes and your SaskPower bill, in the middle of a pandemic. The Saskatchewan Party will give you a break by cutting your power bill."

"A strong economic recovery and making life more affordable for SaskPower customers - it's part of our plan for a strong Saskatchewan."

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