Strong Regina, Strong Saskatchewan

Strong Regina, Strong Saskatchewan October 24, 2020

Premier Scott Moe made his second campaign stop today in Regina Walsh Acres where he asked voters to elect Saskatchewan Party candidate Derek Meyers.

“Regina has been well served by having several Saskatchewan Party MLAs in the government over the past three terms,” Moe said.  “I hope that will continue and Regina voters will support their Saskatchewan Party candidates, including Derek Meyers here in Regina Walsh Acres.

“Derek has had an interesting campaign.  While every other Saskatchewan Party candidate has one NDP candidate to run against, Derek has had two – the one Ryan Meili appointed and the other Ryan Meili booted out. 

“I know Derek has run a strong campaign, meeting thousands of voters and discussing the Saskatchewan Party plan for a strong recovery and a strong Saskatchewan, so I know he will have a strong show of support on Election Day.”

Moe said the ballot question at the end of the campaign remains the same as it was on day one of the campaign: who do you trust to lead Saskatchewan’s economic recovery?

“The Saskatchewan Party has a record of growth.  The NDP has a record of decline.  The Saskatchewan Party has a plan for a strong recovery.  The NDP’s reckless spending would drive up taxes and grind the recovery to a screeching halt.  The Saskatchewan Party has a plan to make life more affordable for everyone.  The NDP does not.

“That’s why on Election Day, I’m asking Regina voters to vote for a strong recovery and a strong Regina by supporting your Saskatchewan Party candidate.”

Voters can cast their ballots at an advance poll from noon until 8 pm today or on Election Day, this Monday, October 26th from 9 am to 8 pm.


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