Strong Saskatoon, Strong Saskatchewan

Strong Saskatoon, Strong Saskatchewan October 24, 2020

Premier Scott Moe made his third campaign stop of the day in Saskatoon Eastview where he asked voters to elect Saskatchewan Party candidate Chris Guérette.

In 2016, Saskatoon voters elected 11 Saskatchewan Party MLAs.  Moe said the city has been well served by having many strong voices in the Saskatchewan Party government, so he is asking voters to ensure that continues by electing Chris Guérette and all the other Saskatoon Saskatchewan Party candidates.

“I know Chris loves this city, she loves meeting people and she has run a very energetic campaign, meeting voters on thousands of doorsteps over the past few weeks,” Moe said.  “I believe that hard work and positive message will pay off on Election Day, here in Saskatoon Eastview and throughout Saskatoon.”

Since the Saskatchewan Party government was first elected in 2007, it has invested more than $1.8 billion in capital project in Saskatoon, including:

  • $257 million for the construction of the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital;
  • $229 million for the construction of the Health Sciences Building at the University of Saskatchewan;
  • $276 million to support home ownership programs, including Habitat for Humanity;
  • $100 million to help build the Gordie Howe Bridge;
  • $50 million for the new Chief Mistawasis Bridge;
  • $11 million for a new interchange at Highway 16 and Boychuk Drive;
  • $17 million for the Remai Art Gallery;
  • $14.6 million for the North-East Reservoir Project; and
  • $13 million for Destination Centre at the River Landing.

Premier Moe said from now through Election Day, the Saskatchewan Party will continue to promote its plan for a strong recovery that makes life more affordable for everyone.

“The ballot question in this election is - who do you trust to lead Saskatchewan’s economic recovery?  I believe the Saskatchewan Party has answered that question over the past four weeks with our plan for a strong recovery and a strong Saskatchewan.  That’s why I am asking Saskatoon voters and all Saskatchewan voters to support the Saskatchewan Party candidate in your constituency.”

Voters can cast their ballots at an advance poll until 8 pm today or on Election Day, this Monday, October 26th from 9 am to 8 pm.


For further information:

Jim Billington
Communications Director
Saskatchewan Party Campaign
[email protected]