Wall Says Choice Is Clear As Election Approaches

March 26, 2016

Premier Brad Wall today wrapped up week three of the campaign in Saskatoon.  With nine days to go until Election Day, Wall said the choice is now clear.

"The most important issue in this election is the economy and the most important question is - who will keep the economy strong?" Wall said.  "The Saskatchewan Party has a better record, a better plan and a better team of candidates to keep Saskatchewan's economy strong and moving forward.

"We have a better record.  Under the NDP, Saskatchewan had the worst job creation record in Canada.  Since the Saskatchewan Party was elected, Saskatchewan has had the second-best job creation record in Canada. 

"Under the NDP, 56,000 more people moved out of Saskatchewan than moved in.  Since the Saskatchewan Party was elected in 2007, our population has grown by over 132,000 people.

"The NDP raised taxes 21 times.  The Saskatchewan Party has delivered record tax cuts for individuals, families, farmers and small businesses.  The NDP closed 52 hospitals, 176 schools and 1200 long-term care beds for seniors.  The Saskatchewan Party is building new hospitals, new schools and new long-term care facilities.

"We have a better plan - an affordable, responsible, fully-costed plan to keep Saskatchewan strong.  The NDP don't really have a plan.  They have a list of angry complaints and uncosted promises that would drag the budget into huge deficits and would drag Saskatchewan back.

"And we have a better team.  The Saskatchewan Party has an experienced team of candidates who will keep Saskatchewan strong.  Now is not the time to take a chance on an inexperienced group of NDP candidates, especially given the NDP's terrible record in government and lack of a plan in this election."

Wall said there is more work to be done but the choice is clear.

"The Saskatchewan Party has the best record, the best plan and the best team to keep Saskatchewan strong.”


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