Who Will Keep Saskatchewan Strong

March 08, 2016


NEWS RELEASE: Premier Brad Wall said that is the question for voters in the 2016 election campaign which officially started today.  Election day is Monday, April  4.

“Over the next four weeks, we will be comparing the Saskatchewan Party record of keeping Saskatchewan strong to the NDP record in government of dragging Saskatchewan back. 

“The NDP had the worst job creation record in Canada.  Since 2007, Saskatchewan has had the second-best job creation record in Canada.  Under the NDP, our population dropped.  Since the Saskatchewan Party was elected, Saskatchewan has grown by over 128,000 people – the strongest period of population growth since the earliest days of our province. 

“The NDP had the longest surgical wait times in Canada.  Saskatchewan now has the shortest surgical wait times in Canada.  The NDP closed 52 hospitals, 176 schools and 1200 long-term care beds for seniors.  Our government has built new hospitals, schools and long-term care homes.

“The NDP raised taxes 21 times in 16 years.  The Saskatchewan Party has delivered record income tax and education property tax cuts for everyone in Saskatchewan and has kept taxes low.”

Wall said while the province is facing a challenging time due to low oil prices, the Saskatchewan Party has a plan to keep Saskatchewan’s economy strong and moving forward.


“We will keep taxes low, continue to invest in much-needed infrastructure projects and control operational government spending.  Again, compare that to the NDP’s record in government when they raised taxes, stopped investing in infrastructure and drove people, jobs and investment out of Saskatchewan.”

Wall said while the Saskatchewan Party will run on its record, he will also announce a few low-cost platform initiatives that will keep Saskatchewan strong and moving forward.

“We will have a fiscally-responsible platform that builds on the successes that Saskatchewan has enjoyed over the past eight years.  We will be enhancing our growth plan and vision for Saskatchewan that will further diversify our economy.  The Saskatchewan Party is going to work hard in this campaign to earn the trust of Saskatchewan voters. 

“The choice is clear – do you want to keep Saskatchewan strong and moving forward or do you want to go back to the way it was under the NDP?  I believe voters will choose the Saskatchewan Party to keep Saskatchewan strong.”


For further information:  Kathy Young, (306) 359-1638 or 1-800-966-9611, [email protected]