NDP Makes 17 More Election Promises Without Accounting For The Cost

NDP Makes 17 More Election Promises Without Accounting For The Cost March 23, 2016


Uncosted NDP Promises Would Cost At Least $1 Billion Over Four Years

Cam Broten has finally released the costing of his election platform, but it shows the NDP platform contains 18 promises where the NDP failed to account for the cost to taxpayers.

In addition to his $595 million utility bundle blunder, Broten made 17 other promises without attaching a cost.  These include:

  1. 2500 new affordable and social housing units.
  2. Bring back the EnerGuide for Houses program.
  3. Dedicated infrastructure funding for municipalities.
  4. Eliminate the small business tax for businesses with at least three employees.
  5. Improve Crop Insurance including better flood coverage and spot-loss hail.
  6. Increase Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) enforcement funding by 25 per cent.
  7. Improve patient flow and scheduling for quicker access to diagnostics.
  8. Invest significantly in fixing up hospitals and building new ones.
  9. Fix up schools and build new ones.
  10. Fix up long-term care facilities and build new ones.
  11. Build an all-weather road to Wollaston Lake.
  12. Reduce electricity rates for northern residents.
  13. Undertake a basic income pilot project.
  14. Re-instate cancelled STC routes.
  15. Remove the crossover formula from the First Nations Gaming Framework Agreement.
  16. Implement a comprehensive poverty strategy.
  17. Expand SaskWater’s water grid.

Why are Cam Broten and the NDP not providing the cost of these promises?  How do they intend to pay for them?

These 18 promises would cost at least $1 billion over four years and plunge the provincial budget into huge deficits every year. 

Don't let the NDP anywhere near Saskatchewan's finances.