2016-2017 Budget


Photo:CTV Saskatoon

Last week we released the 2016-2017 budget.  

Throughout the last election our party campaigned on a responsible, affordable plan to keep Saskatchewan strong. The 2016-17 Saskatchewan budget is part of that plan.

We stayed true to our election promises that there would be no tax increases and no new taxes so that we continue to attract people and investment to our province.

We are making key investments in infrastructure and people while fulfilling our election promises, like the Highways 2020 $70 million surge to fix even more roads and the GRP First Home Plan to help post-secondary students with the down payment on their first home.

This budget is an important step to continue to maintain the Saskatchewan advantage and keep our province strong.

Read more about the budget and our plan to keep Saskatchewan Strong.

This budget stands out in the dominion of Canada; while other jurisdictions are running large, long-term deficits with no plan to get back to balance, we will get back to a balanced budget as soon as next year.

We will hold on to our strong financial position, maintain the Saskatchewan Advantage, and keep this province that we love strong.