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Why Won’t the NDP Post Their Platform Costing On Their Website?


Why is the NDP hiding the costing of their election platform?

Despite claiming to have a fully costed platform, the NDP has failed to post any sort of platform costing page on their website, which all parties typically do after they release their election platforms.

The NDP released its platform last Thursday but still haven’t posted any kind of costing for voters to review.

Cam Broten has already admitted one glaring error in the NDP platform costs – they failed to account for the $595 million lowest cost utility bundle promise. That error alone plunged the NDP’s platform numbers into deficit every year.

Even Dwain Lingenfelter posted a platform costing document, including the cost of the utility bundle promise, last election.


What else did they forget to count? What else are they hiding?

No one knows, because they are refusing to post the costing of their platform.

The Saskatchewan Party platform, with a complete costing on page 30, is available here: www.saskparty.com/our_plan

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