Our Plan For a Strong Saskatchewan

We are facing the pandemic — together.

Then are reopening our economy — together.

And we will build and recover — together.

Our province is well positioned for a strong recovery. The Saskatchewan Party has the best plan to lead that strong recovery and the best plan to make life more affordable for everyone.

Our Plan for a Strong Saskatchewan will drive Saskatchewan's economic recovery and create jobs.

We will lower power bills for homeowners, renters, farmers and businesses.

We will help with the cost of home renovations.

We will build hospitals, schools, highways and other important infrastructure projects.

And we will reduce taxes on small businesses.

Our Plan for a Strong Saskatchewan will make life more affordable for everyone — families, students, seniors, homeowners and others.

And Our Plan for a Strong Saskatchewan will see the provincial budget balanced by 2024.

The Saskatchewan Party has a plan for a strong recovery and a strong Saskatchewan. It's a plan for:

  • A strong economy and more jobs
  • Strong communities
  • Strong families
  • Building highways, schools and hospitals
  • Making life more affordable for families, seniors and young people

Let's keep working together to keep Saskatchewan strong!

Scott Moe signature

Scott Moe
Leader of the Saskatchewan Party

Click here to download your copy of Our Plan for a Strong Saskatchewan.